Standard products

In addition to contract manufacturing, we supplystandard products in the following product groups:

Products for low and medium voltage networks

We manufacture products for the construction of low and medium voltage distribution networks. All our products are manufactured at our production facility in Finland. Our portfolio includes steel guards for cables, surge arrester brackets, inclined supports, crossbar pins and other hot-dip galvanized steel parts.

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Our products are available through the following distributors:

SK-Solar solar panel fasteners

We manufacture high-quality SK-Solar solar panel fasteners at our production facility in Halikko, Finland. The product range includes fasteners for all roof types. The fasteners have been designed with Finnish roofing materials in mind, and their strength has been appropriately tested and calculated. Read more:

Our products are available through the following distributors:

Salomaan Konepaja u-pultti

Products for power lines and masts

We have manufactured steel parts used in the foundations and stays of pylons and telecommunication masts for decades. All our products are of high quality and made in Finland, and thereforeare a reliable option for applications with a long life cycle. Ourproduction is EN1090-1certified, and we guarantee full traceability for all our products.
Examples of our standard products:

U-bolts, angular U-shaped bolts, double-eye links, hard rock U-bolts, open thimbles, step bolts (pole steps), safety handles, horizontal braces, anchor bolts and rock foundations.

Products for electrifiedrailways

The manufacturing of steel structures used in the construction of electrifiedrailways is demanding. We have produced these parts and other demanding steel structures suitable for outdoor use for decades. With over 50 years of experience in hot-dip galvanizing, we know the requirements it sets for structures and materials. Our production is EN1090-1certified, which means that we can manufacture CE-marked structural steelwork. As the entire production process takes place onour premises, we can work flexibly and deliver products at short notice.

Rebar bolts and other threaded products

We produce threaded rebars from size M16 to M39 and threaded round steel bars from size M12 to size M52. The products are used as standard bolts, anchor bolts and dowels, for example. We can also deliver special threads. We manufacture the products to order based on customer needs.

The threads are produced by a robotized rolling cell that automatically measures all threads, and we can provide customers with a measurement record. The cell has an integrated marking device that makes it possible to mark each product.

Threaded products can be heated using induction heating and then bent into the desired shape, such as a U-bolt or a foundation bolt (DIN529).

Products can be hot-dip galvanized, electrogalvanized or delivered without a surface treatment. In addition to the rebar bolts, we can provide all the necessary washers and nuts.

As the entire production process takes place on our premises in Finland, we can work flexibly and deliver products at short notice. 

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