SFS-EN 1090-1
EN ISO 3834-2

Operating principles

In order to ensure good customer service and the continuous improvement of our operations, we have built an integrated management system. The system meets the requirements of the international quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015. Our operations comply with customer and product requirements and current legislation. The company’s top management is responsible for the implementation of the quality policy.

Our operations
are guided by the following operating principles:


play an essential role in our activities as they ultimately determine our success. Our job is to act in a controlled and flexible manner based on customer needs and wishes.


is the backbone of a profitable business. That is why we invest in productivity and use it to make our operations more flexible.

Continuous improvement

lays the foundation for business development. That is why it has been integrated into our daily activities. Systematically implemented internal assessments concerning activities, risks and opportunities are used as a basis for determining quality targets and development projects.

EN 1090 certification entitles us to manufacture CE-marked steel structures

n today’s business world, certified management and quality systems are the cornerstones of success. We have systematically worked towards achieving certification, and we now have four certified management systems that are audited every year. The main principles guiding our business are the following:

Integrated management system (IMS) compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Our everyday activities are guided by an ISO 9001-compliant IMS which ensures that we follow standard operating procedures. Our high-quality processes make us a preferred partner, and many of our customer relationships go back decades. We regularly update our IMS as our business develops. We also have an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system: we take environmental aspects into account in our activities and continuously improve our business in order to make it more environmentally friendly.

Steel structure standard EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011

Our Factory Production Control system meets the requirements of the EN 1090 standard. This means that our production is EN 1090-1 certified and we can manufacture CE-marked structural steelwork.

Welding quality management system EN ISO 3834-2

Our welding processes are EN ISO 3834-2 certified. In order to achieve this certification, the quality of welding work must be supervised by a certified welding coordinator and product-specific welding procedure specifications (WPS) must be created for both manual and robotic welding.

Product markings and material traceability

Most of the products we manufacture are designed to last over 50 years in demanding applications. These products are equipped with permanent markings. This ensures that the manufacturing history of products and the material batches used can be traced – even years after delivery. Upon request, material certificates and measurement records can be included in deliveries. If necessary, we can provide a Declaration of Performance (DoP) in accordance with the EN 1090 standard.

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 ISO 14001
BVCER ISO 3834-2
BVCER EN 1090-1

Salomaan Konepaja Oy’s quality management system is applied to all our operations, which take place at Lairolantie 1, 24910 Halikko, Finland.

Lauri Salomaa