SFS-EN ISO 14001

Environmental and social responsibility

The purpose of our environmental management system is to ensure that the environment and sustainable development are taken into account in all company activities. The minimum requirement is the fulfilment of our statutory obligations. We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to develop practices and processes in order to minimize their environmental impact. The company’s top management is committed to the environmental policy and is responsible for its implementation.
We have been a party to Motiva’s Energy Efficiency Agreements since 2017. We are part of the RINKI system that takes care of the recycling of product packaging. Our details can be found in the Reliable Partner service maintained by Vastuu Group. Through the service, users can check that we have fulfilled our legal obligations.
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Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 ISO 14001
Most significant environmental improvements in recent years:

Salomaan Konepaja Oy’s environmental management system is applied to all our operations, which take place at Lairolantie 1, 24910 Halikko, Finland.

Lauri Salomaa